(*1) [VNA Unleashed] Tyre Expiry and Tyre Safety

This is the second mail that talks about some coding scheme.

The pdf explains what the numbers and characters printed on tyre
denote: such as the manufacturing date of the tyre (expiry date = DOM +
4 yrs), load capacity, temperature resistance e ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com


(*1) [VNA Unleashed] PAN structure

While browsing through old mails, I found couple of mails that talk
about different coding schemes. Here is the first, detailing the
structure of PAN.
(PS: PAN stands for Permanent Account Number, hence it's meaningless to
say "PAN Number". I've ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com


(*1) [VNA Unleashed] Collection of Toll free nu...

A good collection of Toll Free / customer care numbers of various
organizations.PS: I received it in a forwarded mail. I've not verified
these numbers.Any additions / corrections are most
welcomeAirlinesIndian Airlines -1800 180 1407Jet Airways - ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com


(*1) [VNA Unleashed] RTI - part 3 : my thoughts

Why did I attend that seminar and my thoughts about RTI:After the
recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, I had received a mail in which
there was a mentioning about section 49-O of elections act. It allows
us to specify that we do not want to vote fo ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com


(*1) [VNA Unleashed] RTI - part 2

Some information that is not about RTI, but it was available from case
studies explained by Maj Gen (reted) SCN Jatar.Literate - anyone who
can sign in his / her mother tongue, based on this definition our
country has 65% literacy.Signs of corrupt ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com

(*1) [VNA Unleashed] Info about Right To Inform...

Couple of weeks back I attended one seminar on RTI. The seminar was
organized by MCCIA on 11-Dec-2008. Mr. Nitin Sonawane and Maj Gen
(reted) SCN Jatar were the speakers. It was quite informative. Here are
the highlights of the seminar (mainly fro ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com


(*1) [Aisa Bhi Hota Hai] Spanish tradition: cag...

The US president-elect is the top seller among this year's "caganers",
ceramic figurines which show affectionate disrespect for famous
personalities from home and abroad.The statuettes show the
personalities with their trousers down in the act of ... Read More: http://aisa-bhi-hota-hai.blogspot.com