(*1) [VNA Unleashed] RTI - part 2

Some information that is not about RTI, but it was available from case
studies explained by Maj Gen (reted) SCN Jatar.Literate - anyone who
can sign in his / her mother tongue, based on this definition our
country has 65% literacy.Signs of corrupt ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com

(*1) [VNA Unleashed] Info about Right To Inform...

Couple of weeks back I attended one seminar on RTI. The seminar was
organized by MCCIA on 11-Dec-2008. Mr. Nitin Sonawane and Maj Gen
(reted) SCN Jatar were the speakers. It was quite informative. Here are
the highlights of the seminar (mainly fro ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com


(*1) [Aisa Bhi Hota Hai] Spanish tradition: cag...

The US president-elect is the top seller among this year's "caganers",
ceramic figurines which show affectionate disrespect for famous
personalities from home and abroad.The statuettes show the
personalities with their trousers down in the act of ... Read More: http://aisa-bhi-hota-hai.blogspot.com


(*1) [Aisa Bhi Hota Hai] whats the boot up time...

Couldn't stop laughing after reading this:Employees Sue to be Paid for
Time Spent Booting UpIs booting up a computer work, or a work break?1
comment on first blog :
Now I know where the term "frivolous lawsuit" came from

some other comments ... Read More: http://aisa-bhi-hota-hai.blogspot.com


(*1) [VNA Pugmarks] old memories: trip to Shant...

Its been a long time since I'm planning to add something here but not
getting time to do so. So as a starter just uploading the souvenir of
an office bash that I had written (along with a colleague) few months
back.here it is: Shantivan trip 1.pdf ... Read More: http://vnapugmarks.blogspot.com


(*1) [VNA Unleashed] a joke

The previous post reminds me a joke.

One person is brought to a jail. His companion in jail, asks him why is
he here?

First person: I started a business in competition with government and
that's why I've been jailed.

Companion: Thats ridic ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com

(*1) [VNA Unleashed] few questions

So the Diwali, Laxmi Poojan has given some upswing to BSE, NSE index
and built some good hopes for the upcoming period.For last few days (or
weeks) I had been as curious as many others regarding the subprime
crisis, bankruptcy and recession. I rea ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com


(*1) [VNA Unleashed] Happy Diwali

Finally, got some free time on the occasion of Diwali. It's been long
time since I had posted something on any of my blogs. But now I've got
some time and moreover I'm at my home town - MUMBAI. So hoping to jazz
up my blog(s) a bit ;).And yes, Wis ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com


(*1) [Ajab Gajab Duniya] what am i missing

don't know why its not working as per my expectation... :(its giving me
surprises every time.. when will it work properly...adding some text
just to make this post big enough ... so that the filtering takes place
on the post... it must have more t ... Read More: http://ajabgajabduniya.blogspot.com

(*1) [Ajab Gajab Duniya] partially working

hmm... the link appeared in a weird manner...i guess i'll have to
settle for a simpler format :(anyway... if it works that way let it
be... i don't have any other option as of now ...i must do some more
research on this forwarding script... but so

(*1) [Ajab Gajab Duniya] link didn't work

hmm... somehow the link didn't appear... lets see now

Posted By Vivek Athalye to Ajab Gajab Duniya at 10/12/2008 08:07:00 AM <a href='http://ajabgajabduniya.blogspot.com/' target='_blank'>Read More...</a>

(*1) [Ajab Gajab Duniya] it works

wow it worked well..now i'm becoming a bit greedy... how about having
a "Read More" link at the end of the summary ...till now it doesn't
have any way for the user to click and read full post that i'm typing
here...now i've modified the forwarding

(*1) [Ajab Gajab Duniya] lets test summary

this is a post that i'm going type in here... and expecting to get
added to my summary blog automatically..the way i'm going to do is, i'm
forwarding all my posts to a mail service that allows me to forward a
summary of incoming mail to a given ma