(*1) [VNA Unleashed] Tyre Expiry and Tyre Safety

This is the second mail that talks about some coding scheme.

The pdf explains what the numbers and characters printed on tyre
denote: such as the manufacturing date of the tyre (expiry date = DOM +
4 yrs), load capacity, temperature resistance e ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com


(*1) [VNA Unleashed] PAN structure

While browsing through old mails, I found couple of mails that talk
about different coding schemes. Here is the first, detailing the
structure of PAN.
(PS: PAN stands for Permanent Account Number, hence it's meaningless to
say "PAN Number". I've ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com


(*1) [VNA Unleashed] Collection of Toll free nu...

A good collection of Toll Free / customer care numbers of various
organizations.PS: I received it in a forwarded mail. I've not verified
these numbers.Any additions / corrections are most
welcomeAirlinesIndian Airlines -1800 180 1407Jet Airways - ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com


(*1) [VNA Unleashed] RTI - part 3 : my thoughts

Why did I attend that seminar and my thoughts about RTI:After the
recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, I had received a mail in which
there was a mentioning about section 49-O of elections act. It allows
us to specify that we do not want to vote fo ... Read More: http://vnaunleashed.blogspot.com